Upcoming AMA on Reddit

On Sunday, November 10, beginning at 11 am Eastern Time and continuing until my fingers fall off, I’ll be doing an AMA on the popular website Reddit.com, specifically in r/books. R/books is what is called a “subreddit”–that is, a subsection of the main website devoted to a special interest, in this case books and reading. I’ll wager more than a few readers of r/books are writers as well.

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. An AMA is a question-and-answer session, not exactly in real time but very nearly. Readers can post questions, and the subject can answer them almost immediately, sometimes within moments. It’s a really interesting way for various public figures to interact with people who would normally never have the chance to talk with them. The best part is that the rest of the audience can read both question and answer as they are posted.

Some very famous people have done AMAs, like Barack Obama, Bill Gates, and this guy, who was a candidate for the office of President of Iran. Lots of other lesser-known people have done AMAs too, of course. These are just a few of the more notable ones.

So, come on by that Sunday if you’re not doing anything and ask me anything you like about being a writer. I’ll do my best to give helpful answers. And I will pray that I don’t get Ramparted.