The Manama Incident

Read here about The Manama Incident, in which Fakhria al-Singace, the sister of Dr Abdul Jalil Al-Singace, was arrested for the crime of protesting her brother’s arrest. Her offense was to hold up a banner reading “It is forbidden to arbitrarily arrest and detain people”. Not only are the Bahraini leaders apparently a bunch of cowards without any respect for human dignity, but it also appears they are entirely immune to irony.

Abdul-Jalil al-Singace has been in prison for almost five years for the crime of speaking his mind. Bloggers everywhere should be taking up his cause. There are plenty more like him around the world, of course. And we should be fighting for all of them, because when we protect their freedom, we protect our own. And when their freedom is in jeopardy, so is ours.