‘Some culprits identified’ in Bangladesh murders

From the Times of India we learn that some ‘culprits’ have been identified in the murder of five writers and free thinkers this year. This is progress, I suppose, except that it does not say the culprits have actually been arrested. I don’t claim to know anything about the situation in Bangladesh whatsoever, but I recently discovered I have a personal connection to Dhaka, albeit a tenuous one–a former classmate of mine is married to a well-known publisher there. Suddenly I feel like I have a vested interest in the matter. More vested than before, I mean. I continue to feel that when free speech is under attack there, it is under attack everywhere. So, I encourage the Bangladeshi authorities to continue their hunt for the rest of the murderers, and I also encourage them to do everything possible to protect freedom of expression.

If you want to help, PEN International has a centre in Bangladesh. Our mandate is the same there as it is everywhere: protect free speech at home and abroad.