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Hi there! On this page I offer many free resources for people who are interested in writing or self-publishing. These are mostly original pieces. Here you can download my free e-book, How to Write a Novel. It’s got lots of original material designed to help you finish your first book and get it out there to your admiring readers. Much of the advice is good for short-form writers, too.

How To Write A Novel – 1.4.2

This book, and all previous editions or versions of the same title, are made available by its author at no cost to the general public under the terms of Creative […]


My Blog Page

I blog often about various aspects of writing. Most of my posts are geared for the beginning writer, but there is sure to be something in there that will benefit the intermediate or expert as well.

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Self-Publishing Series

I’m slowly writing a series about my experiences in self-publishing. It’s called How to Self-Publish like a Pro.
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Articles on Writing by William Kowalski

The articles linked on this page were originally published in The Writer magazine between 2005 and 2011. They are free to read and free to share. Please be mindful of copyright restrictions. They may be reprinted in part or in full, as long as William Kowalski is credited as the author and a link back to this page is included.

Returning To The Right FootAdvice on plotting your story.

Using Conflict To Strengthen Stories If your story feels like it’s falling flat, there’s probably not enough conflict.

How Aristotle Can Help You Become A Better Writer… So-called storytelling experts and writing gurus are trying to sell you tips and tricks that have been available for free for thousands of years. This piece explains what some of them are and how you can learn more about them for free.

Understanding Character DevelopmentUse these tips to make your characters like real, flesh-and-blood people.

Set-Ups and Pay-OffsLearn how to satisfy your readers’ expectations of your stories in ways that will keep them coming back for more.

When Is Your Novel Ready To Submit?Learn about the importance of the final stages of editing.

11 thoughts on “Writing and Self-Publishing Resources”

  1. I would like to receive emails from you – just getting involved in a writing group in Lunenburg and any insights would be helpful – thanks, Su

  2. Bill,

    I am a big fan of your work, marveling at the beauty and imagery evoked in a statement such as “It was an unusual wrinkle in an otherwise well-pressed personality”. I probably got the quote wrong, since I read the book a few months ago, but it was great.

    My son, Noah Rosenstein, with whom you attended Emerson College, introduced me to your first novel. I am a writer, but mostly in the business area, grants, business plans and such, as well as a series of books on health and safety issues for young children.

    Your discipline of extending yourself into a broad variety of voices from which to speak is such an amazing stretch and a very insightful way to view the world.

    Just ordered a couple more of your books. so I will soon be caught up with what you have published and will wait for more. I have learned a lot from your work and look forward to more.

    Marlene Resnick Simons

    1. Thank you so much, Marlene! I have a lot of great memories of Noah and am still in touch with him regularly on Facebook. Great to hear from you.

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  5. I enjoyed this immensely. It is thoughtful, practical and at times refreshingly honest. Thank you for sharing it. I am sure I will revisit this, and probably share it with others.

  6. I am Robert Romney from the French West Indian island of Saint Martin.After many years of writing essays, I have written a novel or more precisely I have tried to describe the society of 1967 with its strong moral code of values , with its young people at daggers drawn with the clich├ęs, the stereotypes deeply ingrained among the elder generation.
    In fact, we become acquainted with a joyful population very proud to speak its Saint Martin language which is a creole English, an idiom pregnant with humor.In the background, there is a love story between two youngsters Willy and Cathy.
    I would like you to help me to publish this novel entitled”Big Rock”, with its subtitle”King of the rock”. What do I have to do? I need your precious advice. My 80 page manuscript is almost ready. I thank you a lot.

    Robert Romney

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