My short piece in Brick #95

BRICK magazine asked me and several other writers to write a piece about the books that affected them most during childhood. I chose the Hardy Boys. You can check the issue out here, which includes the option to order the digital edition for your e-reader.

This issue also has a piece in it by John Irving. I was a huge Irving fan in my youth. This is not to imply that I am not one any longer. I just don’t have time to read much any more, and it would appear that my career as a writer, mentor, editor, and book reviewer have essentially ruined reading fiction for me. I can’t look at anyone’s work any more without picking it apart. Nevertheless, it’s a thrill for me to be included in the same issue as this writer, whose work inspired me in many ways. Irving’s first novel, SETTING FREE THE BEARS, continues to be the best first novel I have ever read. It covers several of my favorite subjects: motorcycles, beautiful girls, World War II, and tragic death, among others. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it.