Making WordPress Menus Accessible

I’ve been interested in the concept of universal access in web design for some time, since much of the work I’ve done in education has involved teaching adults with learning challenges. (Actually, the more I teach, the more it seems that people with so-called challenges outnumber the people without them, which suggests to me the problem isn’t with the people, but with our entire approach to education… but I digress.)

But I was shocked to learn this fascinating fact just today: blind internet users outnumber Internet Explorer 6-8 users by more than 2 to 1. That astonished me. Web designers kill themselves trying to make their sites accessible to those godawful browsers, but how much effort do they put into making them accessible to people who have sight issues? Practically none. You almost never see it discussed. That’s wrong, I think, and so that’s why I’m very glad to be re-posting this article by Primo┼ż Cigler on how to make drop-down menus accessible to screen readers and other assistive devices. Check it out!