How the Atlanta PD deals with officers who interfere with the public’s right to record

This piece, entitled Federal Court Order: Atlanta residents have the right to video police
and APD must fire an officer who interferes
, came out in 2014, but unlike most news that’s a year old, it’s still very relevant. This is because of the stark contrast it presents between the Atlanta Police Department and practically every other department I’ve ever heard of. And for once, the Atlanta PD looks pretty damn good, perhaps even progressive. The gist of the piece is this: any cop who interferes with a person who is filming police must be fired. If only the Toronto Police Department had such a requirement, Constables Gill and Smith of the infamous Mike Miller incident would be eligible for dismissal. But more to the point… if they had known this was the consequence of their behavior, they likely never would have violated Miller’s rights in the first place.