10 Things I’m Looking for in Guest Blog Posts

I am actively seeking guest posts to be featured here on WilliamKowalski.com. The purpose of these posts will be to help create more exposure for you, the author, online, and to help drive potential readers to your own website or Amazon page. It also provides me with fresh content that keeps my site interesting for its readers, so it’s win-win here, people.

You are welcome to contact me with post ideas or submissions. In general, your post should follow the guidelines below:

1. Your post should be informative or narrative non-fiction. It is not intended as a place to post your creative work (although it can refer frequently to your creative work, and can also include quotes from it or link directly to it). Your post should have something to do with any of the following very broad topics:

  • writing, publishing, or self-publishing
  • General internet usage tips for writers or publishers
  • WordPress-specific tips for writers or publishers

By “narrative non-fiction”, I mean it can be a post about an experience you or someone else had with any of the above topics. This is considerably broad and open to interpretation, so if you have an idea but aren’t sure if it fits, just ask me. If you want to check with me before going to the effort of writing a post, please do. I would hate for anyone to waste their time on a long piece that I can’t use.

I also welcome off-the-wall humor. No derogatory, explicit, or abusive work, please.

2. The longer your post, the better. The average length of a #1-ranked Google search return is just under 2,000 words, so the more you can include, the better your results from this post will be.

3. Your post must be unique and original, and must not appear anywhere else on the internet in whole or in part, except for selected quotes from other works. You must own the rights to it. It is very easy to verify this, so please don’t try passing someone else’s work off as your own.

4. Your post should seek to offer real value to your readers. It should not just be about yourself and your work, although you should feel free to mention those things liberally (one of the points of this post is to get you more exposure, after all).

5. Try to answer a specific question with your title, or else include a numbered list. For example, “7 Ways to Improve Your Dialogue”, or “How to Write Better Dialogue” are both really good titles. “Check Out How I Write Dialogue” is not as strong, because it doesn’t answer a question people are likely to search for. Try to anticipate what someone is likely to type into Google when they’re trying to find the answer to the thing you’re writing about.

6. Include some links to authoritative, well-regarded sites in your post. Avoid links to spammy sites with bad reputations or low ranks.

7. Feel free to include links to your own website or Amazon sales pages.

8. Please ensure that your post has been well edited and proofed by a set of eyes other than your own. Every writer needs an editor. You are not an exception to this rule.

9. Your post must include at least one image, and can have two or three. Please ensure that these are in the public domain or that you have the right to use them. Do not just “borrow” images from Google Image Search. These images should be colorful and eye-catching. A book cover image is fine, if what you are writing has something to do with your own book (or someone else’s) but please make sure it’s a good-quality image.

10. You agree that you give William Kowalski the right to display this post on his website indefinitely, and that you will not receive direct financial compensation for this post from William Kowalski. You also agree that William Kowalski may remove this post from his site at any time without notice.