What does a feminist government look like?

To answer this question, we need look no further than Sweden:

The gender-equitable government of Sweden. Photo: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet

Terrifying, eh? Twelve women, ten men. How does Sweden describe its government?

‘Sweden has the first feminist government in the world.’

Radical! What does this mean, Sweden?

‘This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation.’

Well, thank you, Sweden, for that calm and rational explanation. Amazingly, it doesn’t terrify me, a man, at all! In fact, it sounds… utterly reasonable. What else does Sweden have to say for itself?

‘Women and men must have the same power to shape society and their own lives.’

My God! I can hardly stand how non-outraged I am by this statement.

It appears the Swedish government also has a sense of humor. Here are the women of the government, signing a bill relating to climate change:

A gathering of Swedish legislators presides over the signing of a bill relating to climate change.

The point of this photo is that it makes fun of a recent photo of Donald Trump surrounded by his henchmen, signing a bill on abortion. Abortion has to do with women’s health. Notice the gender of all the people in the room:

From left to right: henchman, Trump, henchmen. Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

You rock, Sweden!