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On this page you’ll find articles I’ve selected about WordPress, which is my favorite platform for web development and also just one of the coolest things going. I am not the author of any of these pieces. If you see a piece you like, click on the link to be taken to the original article. You will leave this website when you do so, but I try my best not to send you anywhere spammy.

Indies Unlimited

Kat at Indies Unlimited has become a great supporter of My Writing Network, the new project I've started to help budding and established authors promote themselves online by giving them their own websites. She saw the value of this mission and wanted to help publicize...

Don’t believe the hate

On April 8, the Chronicle-Herald published an article called “Chebucto Heights bullying worries parents.” For some reason, it left out the phrase “by Muslim proto-terrorists,” because that’s what the gist of the article was. It quoted a woman named ‘Missy’ as saying...

Have they run out of irony yet?

Calvin Trillin, a beloved humorist, columnist, and food writer, is the latest victim of internet-style torch-and-pitchfork mob justice. This kind of thing is always disheartening, for many reasons. It also highlights the fact that America’s cultural diversity is so...

A tweet from Ms. Schuler

Students in Ms. Schuler's #AACPSAwesome class read all the time! #TheBarrioKings @AACountySchools @WillKowalski— EveningHSaacps (@EveningHSaacps) March 4, 2016

Introducing My Writing Network

In my latest fit of madness, and because apparently I'm not happy unless I'm tearing my hair out over something, I've created My Writing Network. This is much more than another online writing community: each member actually receives their own website, completely free,...

Kirkus reviews EPIC GAME

Kirkus reviews EPIC GAME

Nice Kirkus review of my new hi-lo book EPIC GAME by @orcabook #amwriting— William Kowalski (@WillKowalski) December 23, 2015

My little town has made me proud

My little town has made me proud

Ellershouse Wind Farm by Christian LaForce/Chronicle Herald This past Friday, at about 5:30 am, I was gassing up the Honda at the local Irving station when I bumped into a fellow I know who sits on the town council of Mahone Bay (pop. 986), where I live. I’ll call him...

The dangers of safe spaces

The dangers of safe spaces

In the past few weeks, the pendulum swing of political correctness–a movement that began decades ago as a backlash against entrenched prejudice and general power-hogging–seems to have achieved a sort of terminal velocity on American university campuses. This has resulted in events that many find dismaying, but not terribly surprising.

How to move WordPress sites manually in 12 steps

Introduction This post is about how to move a WordPress website from your computer to a live server, from start to finish, mostly manually but making quick use of one plugin along the way. Table of Contents Tools mentioned 1. Export your database from your local...

What to do if your WordPress site is hacked

A few months ago, I agreed to take on a WP site that had been put together by someone else a few years earlier and then abandoned. The core files and plugins were all badly outdated. The reason that was dangerous, as I explained to the site owners, was because old...

Using jQuery with WordPress

A couple of years ago I started trying to figure out how to use this version of javascript called jQuery. I’d heard a lot about it, and had seen it in action in a few places, and I thought it was really cool. I had little trouble using it on regular HTML pages, but...