The Hundred Hearts

German cover of The Hundred Hearts

The excellent translation is by Jürgen Bürger, who has formed a new publishing company called spraybooks. spraybooks will publish Crypt City in German later this year! I’m very happy to be associated with Jürgen and Doris Engelke, the other half of spraybooks and a very fine and perceptive editor.

Dalhousie Reading on Vimeo

Here’s a video of me reading at Dalhousie University’s library on Wednesday, Jan 14, 2015. Caution: there is some foul language in this reading, though I blame that on my characters. It’s not my fault they have such dirty mouths. William Kowalski reads from The Hundred Hearts from Dalhousie Libraries on Vimeo.

Reader Mail

Email from a reader. Al seems to have this effect on a lot of people. “I just finished The Hundred Hearts and had to take several deep breaths before contacting you. It’s brilliant! I laughed as much as I cried. Your characters angered me, uplifted me and made me want to walk right into your …

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Here’s why I wrote THE HUNDRED HEARTS: because I believe that our young men and women are being lied to in order to get them to give their bodies and their lives in what they believe is the service of their country, but which is really just the service of the corporate oligarchy that is running the show.