People are being ridiculously generous with me lately, and I am brimming with gratitude. Below are three blurbs for THE HUNDRED HEARTS (out in April 2013), written by three writers for whom I have immense respect. Blurbs, if you don’t know, are the comments you see on the backs of books, written by other writers, urging readers to pick up the book and buy it. These fine authors did not have to blurb my book, but they were asked, and they said they would think about it, and then they did. I thank them from the bottom of my boots.

“A stunning and tragic meditation on the terrible burden soldiers carry home from the wars they can never really leave. A rich and brilliantly written story with welcome rays of humour to cut the darkness. Timely yet timeless.”
Terry Fallis, author of The Best Laid Plans

“William Kowalski is the kind of storyteller you don’t see quite enough these days. The yarn spinner with a generous soul. THE HUNDRED HEARTS is a moving, humane adventure about the price of personal connections and the costs of sacrifice. I tore through this bad boy in two short nights.”
Victor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver

“THE HUNDRED HEARTS is a clear straight line that reads true throughout. It is writing as cinematic brilliance. Kowalski makes you look inside yourself at things you might not want to admit you’ve seen. A wake-up call sent from deep inside your own skin, it reminds about things you’d rather pretend weren’t there.”
Russell Wangersky, author of Whirl Away

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  1. Scott Fotheringham

    The phrase that excites me, Bill, is “a clear straight line”, because it reminds me of your premise for EB, that something happen on every page. I’ve taken that edict with me, lodged it in my noggin, and repeat it to myself every time I write.

    Looking forward to April’s release!

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