Smoked Meat

An honest accounting of the epic adventures of Noah Rosenstein and William (Bill) Kowalski, who set out to smoke large quantities of meat in the Santa Maria style of barbecuing, and largely succeeded, in the opinions of everyone who got to taste the results.

Review of JUMPED IN from CM Magazine

Kowalski͛s latest title is a superb example of the novella as an art form. It completely engages the reader in a short period of time. Jumped In fuses both well-developed characters with a compelling action plotline. The novel touches on issues that include prejudice,...

Seneca on Revenge

The Great Books Program at St. John's College. A post shared by Johnnie Quote (@johnniequote) on Sep 11, 2017 at 9:51am PDT

That time Campbell Scott recorded Eddie’s Bastard in one take

I just found this photo in my archives the other day, so I decided to clean it up and scan it. Seeing it brought back a lot of pleasant memories. The audiobook of Eddie's Bastard was recorded by Campbell Scott in 1999 at the HarperCollins audio studio in New York. I...


Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending my favourite kind of wedding–the kind where two distinct cultures merge.

Kowalski’s Pickles

I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm becoming better known for my pickles than I am for my novels--at least locally. Here's a great piece by Janice Middleton in the Halifax Chronicle-Herald. It's about the pickles I've been making for the past decade or so in...