Abduljalil al-Singace is still in prison…

…for the crime of exercising his basic human right to free speech.

The Bahraini government should be ashamed of the fact that it jails people for the crime of dissent. Is it not aware that this isn’t how things are done any more on Earth in the 21st century? Do Bahraini authorities really believe their grasp on their country is so tenuous that it can’t handle people expressing contrary opinions? Do they not understand that the human spirit cannot be indefinitely suppressed, and that the longer they treat people this way, the blacker the marks against them?

Read here for yourself about the sham of a trial that Abduljalil was given. Even the Bahraini Press Association, who presumably have something to lose themselves if they express themselves too freely, said the verdict was “unfair and outrageous”, “marred by abuses and violations of all legal and human rights standards”.

To the Bahraini leaders, I say this: Free Abduljalil al-Singace in order to prove that you are in fact humane and just leaders. Your human rights record is a disgrace. You should hang your heads in shame for the way you have reacted to the events of the “Arab Spring”.

Photo credit: PEN USA