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From the best-selling author of EDDIE'S BASTARD comes this stunning portrayal of the true cost of war for soldiers and generations of their families. Five years after being gravely wounded in Afghanistan, 25-year-old Jeremy Merkin is still trying to put the pieces of his life back together. The only man he can look to for inspiration--his grandfather, Al, a Vietnam veteran--is so shattered by his own experiences that they cannot even communicate with each other. As Jeremy seeks physical clues to what happened to him in the days preceding the IED explosion that changed his life forever, he learns things that will change him even more--about his dead best friend, Ari "Smartass" Garfunkel; about his grandfather, who was present at the My Lai massacre in 1968; and about himself.

THE HUNDRED HEARTS was published in Canada by Thomas Allen Publishers (now Dundurn). In all other countries, it may be ordered using the links above, or from your local independent bookseller. A German translation will be published in the spring of 2015 by Eichborn/Luebbe.

Listen as Bill Thompson interviews William Kowalski on The Bookcast (15 mins)

Praise for The Hundred Hearts:

“Kowalski’s searing novel is an account that manages to be a portrayal, both pitilessly accurate and strangely tender, of the toll of battle on soldiers and their families, and on the civilians in the strange lands where both American men were sent to add up what Wellington called 'the butcher’s bill' of battle.” (Globe and Mail)

"Kowalski examines how participating in geo-political violence reverberates through a soldier’s family, and how the havoc wrecked by war trickles down the blood line... There is a theory that one element of healing trauma is through the construction of stories, and with The Hundred Hearts, Kowalski has us off to a decent start."(National Post)

“Kowalski proves himself a maestro at characterization and dialogue, a talent that comes in handy when his characters are performing questionable deeds.” (Winnipeg Review)

“Timely, beautifully written, and memorable.” (Owen Sound Sun-Times)

"Many of you have been writing to request more book recommendations. How many books do you read at once? I usually have two going at the same time. There's the book you rip through, that doesn't take very long, and then the book you spend an hour with every night, slowly. Sometimes you just want to make it last longer, to honour the care and the commitment of the author; sometimes it's because the story is so devastating you have to take your time; sometimes it's because you're trying to convince yourself that by the time you're done, the world might not be as cruel as the one that's been written; and sometimes the book is like life, and it takes time to process. William Kowalski's The Hundred Hearts is all of the above. Also, it looks like a Burberry shirt, only much cheaper and will keep a lot longer." (Lainey Lui, LaineyGossip.com)

"THE HUNDRED HEARTS is writing as cinematic brilliance. Kowalski makes you look inside yourself at things you might not want to admit you've seen. A wake-up call sent from deep inside your own skin, it reminds about things you'd rather pretend weren't there....It's the Catch-22 of Afghanistan." (Russell Wangersky, author of WHIRL AWAY)

"William Kowalski is the kind of storyteller you don't see quite enough these days. The yarn spinner with a generous soul. THE HUNDRED HEARTS is a moving, humane adventure about the price of personal connections and the costs of sacrifice. I tore through this bad boy in two short nights." (Victor LaValle, author of THE DEVIL IN SILVER)

"A stunning and tragic meditation on the terrible burden soldiers carry home form the wars they can never really leave. A rich and brilliantly written story with welcome rays of humour to cut the darkness. Timely yet timeless." (Terry Fallis, author of THE BEST LAID PLANS)

Praise for William Kowalski:

"Exuberant... Kowalski is a talented stylist." (New York Times)

"Atmospheric, emotional and beautifully eloquent, Kowalski weaves an engrossing story." ( Daily Record)

"Kowalski is a talented and vivid stylist." (Washington Post)